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We are a gallery that exclusively shows contemporary African fine art. Operating for over 30 years, we serve individuals, corporate clients and museums that are seeking to expand their knowledge and or collections of contemporary fine art. Most artists we show have established reputations in Europe and other parts of the world; however, we are always looking for the undiscovered promise of emerging artists. The number of individuals the gallery represents now totals over 30 artists from all African regions.

The Work is as diverse as the countries from which it originates: contemporary sculpture in stone and wood, oil paintings, pastels, etchings, ink drawings, limited editions prints, collage and installations.

I founded Contemporary African Art Gallery in 1996. In my professional life, I spent over five years in Africa and began to collect contemporary work for myself. As I began to know the artists, I discovered that they were all well known, shown and collected in Europe, while virtually unknown in the United States. That notivated me then, and still motivates me, to show this work.

Artists see, foresee, criticize and tell tales about the deepest feelings of their societies. As a gallery, we attempt to use the artist's eye to show us this continent about which we know too little.   — Bill Karg, Director

Contemporary African Art Gallery is a member of the Private Art Dealers Association.

Some Quotes from The New York Times:

  • "Contemporary African Art Gallery is a domesticated alternative space. It helps browsers visualize how the pieces will work in their own homes."
  • "While innovative sites have helped transform the art scene from Los Angeles to New York, few dealers have done what the Kargs did: create a permanent alternative in their home."
  • "The Group Show at the Contemporary African Art Gallery: "Modern painting from Africa," rarely seen in this part of the world, is one of the highlights of 'The Short Century' at P.S. 1. And anyone interested in sampling more of it should head to this gallery's group show, which includes several artists also in the larger show."
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