Skunder Boghossian

Skunder Boghossian may be the best known African artist. His permanent collection short list includes: The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Musee d’Art Moderne, Paris; The Studio Museum in Harlem and the National Museum Of African Art, Washington. His formal training at the School of Paris influenced his skill but never touched his heart or imagination. Although he spent most of his adult life in America an only three years of that time in Ethiopia, he is the most Ethiopian of Ethiopian painters.

Anathamy of the Hunt

Composition II


[Skunder Boghossian: Anathamy of the Hunt]

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 12x19 inches

[Skunder Boghossian: Composition II]


Medium: Pastel

Size: 28x22 inches

[Skunder Boghossian: Crossroads]

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 45x45 inches

Homage to Abebe Bekila

Red Snaper


[Skunder Boghossian: Homage to Abebe Bekila]


Medium: Acrylic on board

Size: 22' x 30"

[Skunder Boghossian: Red Snaper]

Medium: Painting

Size: 44x48 inches

[Skunder Boghossian: Split]

Medium: Painting

Size: 26x38 inches

The Cross, the Church, and the Butterfly

The Wait

Untitled Scrolls

[Skunder Boghossian: The Cross, the Church, and the Butterfly]

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 37x5 inches

[Skunder Boghossian: The Wait]

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 9x9 inches

[Skunder Boghossian: Untitled Scrolls]

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 20x30 inches

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